RIAA Crackdown on More P2P Networks

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P2P Networks targetted by RIAA
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The Recording Industry Association of America sent another barrage of cease and desist letters to the companies controlling programs such as LimeWire, WinMX and BearShare, asking them to remove RIAA member files from their services.

The file sharing networks are being asked to take action against users who are participating in sharing copyrighted materials.

For example, the newest version of LimeWire now pops up a warning if it believes the file may not be legal or the company does not have a license for the file requested. But it appears such actions are not sufficient for the RIAA.


Good to see the RIAA still

Good to see the RIAA still hasn't developed any marketing sense, charisma, or any other reaction to new markets other than to try and whack 'em.

The Register has an article that happens to mention that in some instances major record labels have been releasing far less new material, thus offering far less choice, leaving consumers to turn their pocket money revenues to DVDs, ringtones, and other consumer joys:

Maybe one day the RIAA will step into the 21st century without hitting anything that looks new-fangled modern technology.

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