Analyst States Bleeding Obvious, Google may bid on AOL - No Shit...

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Google-AOL deal rumoured
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So, Microsoft are talking to AOL right? Well, some bright spark has speculated that maybe, just maybe, Google might like a word in AOL's ear aswell - Heaven help us, no, really mate?

"This would certainly protect Google's revenues from AOL," Fine wrote in a report. She rates Google shares "neutral". A Google-AOL deal may also help Google gain content, she said.

~ Merryl Lynch Analyst

Words fail me...


Actually its more than obvious ..

..G would be vulnerable if it didn't, when you consider that (according to this article)

Google, which receives 12 percent of its sales from advertising and other fees generated by America Online

And in another article

Losing AOL as a client would cut Google's earnings per share by 5 to 10 percent, Lauren Rich Fine wrote in a note to clients.

No way Google would want AOL

No way Google would want AOL IMHO.

Got to think of the corporate culture, etc. And then you have all the problems associated with "well I keep seeing Time Warner / AOL stuff in the search results" (which would probably cause far more complaints than the Amazon in the search results rants).

I know they have maps, blogger, and usegroups, but Google seems to want to actively avoid needing to worry about having a direct controlling state in large editorial content networks outside of ad relationships (or at least until they get their micropayment system down but even then I don't think they want to have to own the content...just the payment network).

It makes Google look hypocritical for them to tell some publishers the right and wrong ways to monetize content and then buy in on a large content network.

What happens to AOLs already dwindling userbase when someone makes internet access free?

> It makes Google look

> It makes Google look hypocritical ...

And ...? Has that stopped them before? :)

It certainly hasn't :)

It certainly hasn't :)

The question isn't do they

The question isn't do they want to own it, it's do they want to let Microsoft own it.

Google has / is

Google has / is gone corporate and will have to "bow" down to someone / something...sometime.

AOL has seen the writing on the wall and is already going to the "free" business model ( Within two years the ISP aspect of their business will be just a very small part. The new AOL & MSN business model is the same as Googles business model... Search with Contextual ads on anything and everything...especially the AOL IM service (as well as every piece of AOL email & MSN hotmail). Over 20+ million AOL IM users and now anyone in the world can use it free without without subscribing to their ISP service. MSN is already thinking how to make the MSN IM & AOL IM compatible.



IIRC MSN was AOL compatible, AOL blocked them

Nick, you crack me up...

Nick, you crack me up...

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