Reputation 101 - Don't Accuse unless you're Certain!

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Not only shouldn't you call someone out in general unless you're certain, but when you're calling out a fellow blogger for spamming, someone well known and liked within the community, you'd better be be 110% certain of your facts, as you end up looking a bit silly at best.

SEOBlackHat called out Jensense for scraping and spamming:

Notice, this womans-finance scraper site has little to no original content and was designed to generate PPC revenue. It was probably made with a a spam engine like traffic-equalizer. If you look at the source code for several of her her pages, you will still see the
<!– #BeginEditable “content” –>
<!– #EndTemplate –>

But clearly he doesn't know as much about this stuff as he claims, even I know those are Dreamweaver template tags - duh...

Jen responds with

He claims that is the use of a program such as Traffic Equalizer and on his site, you will note the fact he actually links to Traffic Equalizer using an affiliate link... perhaps hoping those who want to copy what I have done will believe that is what I used and then use his affiliate link to buy it?

See her post above for the full retort.

Poor show SEOBH, poor show...


TE ...

Te wasn't invented when was first launched lol.... Noob



I'd have used a term much stronger than that Dave!

Though I will say let the fools continue to use TE it earns me a fee more backlinks and anchors my positions in a little harder every day.

I have to say I was a little

I have to say I was a little confused when I saw his post too, I really thought it was an attempt to get some hate-links flowing his way. Picking on someone who is very helpful to everyone seems ... foolish, short sighted and just plain stupid. So bad form indeed SEOBH.

Now a smart chap might realize the error of his ways and make a public appology.

Maybe this is

Maybe this is seoblackhat’s case study to show you how to get links from high profile sites when your spambot is down

they want links

no problemo ... 1 million --- 2 million .. how many is enough do you think :)


Ahh come on play nice now

Ahh come on play nice now Dave. He'll rank on Y with those :P

I wonder... many webmasters are using innocent DW templates for their evil TE websites... Hmmmmmmm.

To be honest...

I have a few women focused sites. While looking for relevant backlinks I came across Jen's site (I didn't know it was her site at the time). I decided against asking for a link trade because I thought the site was a scraper. I'm not saying it is, just that it *looks* like one at first glance.

Now let's all just get a

Now let's all just get a grip before this stuff gets out of hand. If we all started acting reasonably and with some discretion when making public comments, where would the web be then? >stands in total shock at the mere thought<

One of the most wonderful things about the net is that it is the great equalizer. It brings to each man, great and small, a voice. A freedom that has been denied to many until now. The freedom to grow. To speak and to learn. We are all free to be just as shallow, single-minded, judgemental, ignorant and opinionated as we want to be with no cause to consider the consequences of our actions whatsoever.

We all start acting like grown ups and where is that going to leave us?

Bob on grownups...

We all start acting like grown ups and where is that going to leave us?

I'm not going to hold my breath for THAT to happen, but I AM waiting for that online body language post you promised a few weeks ago....

There' a good lad

I can't help but like this guy...

...although - as a proper blackhat - he should have gone for the hatemail/bad-publicity campaign instead.

On second thought...

Nice Apology

That was a good one.

Nah.. BH's are all

Nah.. BH's are all pussycats

WH's think they OWN ethics, but they're shitsplat compared to your average BH's code of honor and conduct.

Them's Fightin' Words!

...ah, never mind.

The funny thing is...

why in the world is this BH spammer going around outing spam sites? Does anyone else find that weird?

Does anyone else find that weird?

no doubt - stick to the code - you don't 'out' fellow blackhat sites - you just don't do it.

btw - I've known Jen for long enough now to know she's no BH :)


he clipped my post in his blog...

too... seo blackhat.. whats wrong didn't you like me calling you by your first name :)


I'm late as usual

Just read Jen's post and was referred here. Bloody shame. However, one good thing is that it has highlighted Jen's run for the cure here and it's a good cause to donate to.

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