IE Web Dev Toolbar Rivals Firefox Version

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For those that use IE, firstly, WHY? heh.. secondly, you might like to check out the IE Web Dev Toolbar that has a lot of the functionality i've been enjoying with the FF extension for Web Dev's.

Looks like a nice bit of kit actually, thanks to Paul Bedford for the headsup!



Well this comes on the wheels of the Web Accessibility Toolbar that automates the process and aids the manual examination of a website not just for accessibility, also aids validation of coding and comes packed with a few neat resources.

why ...

If 90 percent of the public uses IE, then you *must* be very familiar with it's behaviour. It never ceases to amaze me when some "L33T" web person claims to do all client development testing in anything else.


Does *anyone* still do client site testing in only one browser?


Familiar yes, a slave to a faulty bit of kit? No...

Show Ruler Tool

Make sure you check out the Show Ruler Tool. I find it very helpful. Especially the Snap to Element feature.

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