GoogleNet Looms on the Horizon

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Google asks for GoogleNet bids
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Remember the GoogleNet meme that did the rounds last month? Well get a load of this!

Google is reviewing bids from tech vendors to build a nationwide optical DWDM network, which means that the cash-flush web giant could soon have a communications network that few can rival. The vendors who have seen Google’s fiber network RFP say that the nature of the network can really only mean that Google ultimately hopes to push massive amounts of voice, video and data close to the end user. The perennial problem is that close is not enough — to reach the end user, Google has to have access to the last mile.

Oh boy...


Last month? Try May

The web accelerator thingie was the start.

Read posts 364 and 367 for a fine portion of tin foil from yours truly - enough for a whole hat:

I also think that a couple of years ahead, the GoogleNet might in fact be a very nice internet for the average consumer. But, it will be another internet. There might be a Yahoo!Net and a MSNet as well.

Neither of them will be the real thing, but all of them will make the real thing more "difficult" to use somehow. As in: Will offer all kinds of nice proprietary standard "widgets" to make life on their particlar net easier, while increasing machine-only traffic on the normal net - in the extreme to something like constant DDOS-attacks on the average website.

Yahoo! has had deals with a broadband provider (SBC?) for years now, and MS has some deals going on as well, as some ISP's are very easy to hook up to through Windows, so strictly speaking it's only the Google part (and their dark fibre) that's news.

However, if I read them right, these guys will probably be quicker on the trigger. Especially as they're now a registrar, and Vint Cerf is now also on board.


looking forward to the change, but...

when you think of it as claus puts it AOL with fat pipes comes to mind.

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