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Looking for type in domain names ?
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A neat little tool from Scott, aka webprofessor that i got the chance to play with a little last night: Domain Hunter. It queries the Overture KW suggestion tool and some WHOIS service to come up with .com domains available for your keywords.

He'd like some feedback, let him have it :)


That is really useful

I had a little play and found the tool easy to use, fast in returning information and giving results that can be easily sifted.

Yep, Scott should be able to sell that!

What it does not have is .co.uk lookup option

On reflection, I realised that the option for .co.uk names was not there

It may be not worth Scott's while adding it as an option - a lot of Brits out there, and often the .co.uk option is wider open.

Tool down now?

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Good TimeSaver

My FB:
Adding URL suffix options would be great - .net, .org, .info etc.
Those *Brits* are always complaining... :-)
- though it will slow the process.
Another help would be the option to extract or copy only the red (available)
domain names so we could bulk register them at any authorised ICANN registrar
(I can see this tool easy affiliates with an online registrar)
*TimeSaver*, Thanks!

Sure thing

Wow, thanks for all the comments !

I can definitly add those options.

The idea behind dot com only is that it is the first extension tried if you type a keyword combo in the address bar with no extension. ( well it used to be in the old netscape I couldn't find any recent write up on the behavior of that )

kservik the overture server is a bit flaky sometimes and I may be running it through an anonymous proxy ;-) so the proxy might be fuggered up once in awhile.

I look forward to hearing more feedback.


I will keep trying,

I will keep trying, Scott!


About type in names

While I was testing it out it occured to me that google likley uses the same technology it uses for spell checking that it does for relating a domain name to keywords.

I have never seen google deobsufacate more than 2 keywords munged together. I tried many combinations last night by searching for keyword1keyword2keyword3 and google never suggested the three keywords. It always picked up keyword1keyword2 though.

I drew the hypothesis that more than 2 keywords munged together has no benifit without hyphens. Since that may be the case I am thinking of adding an option to only look for 2 word combos.

Would any one else care to comment on that hypothesis ?

Neat tool

I wrote something similar last year for internal use. For each keyword it finds it gives: the keyword and a dig deeper link for each, how many times searched, a link to adwords /sponsoredlinks?q=keyword, google web search for "keyword", overture bid link, domain links for keyword (deleted, all no #s, and all), and a typos link for keyword. Also for all the keyword terms it spits out you can create a keywords file, a domains file (for bulk domain lookup), and you can create an adwords power post file from the list.

It doesn't do real-time whois and domain availability like your tool however, you got me beat there... nicely done.

Added textarea

I added a textarea that only lists the free domains so you can cut and paste them.
Thanks for the suggestion GoLinks

No Scott - Thank You!

No Scott - Thank You !

Keyword data

If anyone has suggestions for alternate places to scrape keyword data from I'd appreciate it.

keyword suggestion tools

Altavista's related searches (on the right),
The free/open ones from Aaron's review - http://www.seobook.com/archives/001013.shtml

Bookmarked - Favorites!!

Thanks, that is really cool.

Please keep it looking for 3

Please keep it looking for 3 keywords. I think Google wont devaluate 3 keywords with hyphens that much it isnt worth it.

Oh yeah

I will keep the three word option

The observation/question I had though was I don't think 3 keywords with no hyphens in a domain will provide you any benifit from the google standpoint. I am curious if anyone agree's or disagree's with this idea.

I think it does see for

I think it does see for combinations where you find:


So you could end of with advantage for many different combinations.

cool tool! great job.

cool tool!

great job.

keyword length?

Scott - is there a 3-character minimum on the keywords? I tried a search where one of my keywords was only 2 characters and it seemed to break.

BTW, very cool. :-)


not on my end pleeker perhaps with overture there might be.

If it looks like it is just hanging be patient.

When very general terms are used it takes a long time for it to do its thing.

I am glad you liked it :0)

Added more tld's

Added more tld's ,

As it stands:


the much requested.....


Wow....you working hard on

Wow....you working hard on this now :-)

Hey, that's better than very useful now

It really highlights URLs that are available across a range of tld's.

Amazing how many "obvious" domains are still available, but would take one ages to find manually.

Don't know how I managed without this tool!

Very Nice.

This tool is excellent - thank you webpr. :)

I just told Scott he should

I just told Scott he should charge for this - not too much, 'cos many of us could build something similar given a little time, but i DO think he could charge on 1yr sub (maybe $50?) or source code (package it up as a drop in script $100?)

what do you guys think?

i think..

..um, I like free stuff?

Could do a lite version that is free, 20-25 results per page with plenty of ads that open in new windows while you wait. Ahhh, ads that open in new windows, is there anything better?

Hopefully it will be kept

Hopefully it will be kept free.

free or not to free..

I think cchance has the best idea. Alternativly, get an affiliate account at a domain company like 123reg.co.uk and link though to purchase a domain name. Scott will then get the commision for anyone that uses this method and the application itself is kept free.

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