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Opera to give away browser in bid to boost market share
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So the world is abuzz with news that Opera is now free. Good news, though it largely defeats the point of the free keys they gave away last month (if one exempts the free PR).

However -- and maybe I'm reading too much into this, but this section of the story troubles me:

The company expects to recoup its revenue losses through the Internet search window built into each browser. Opera has deals with search giant Google Inc. and other online search companies. If an Opera user runs a Google search and is directed to Google advertising, Opera will get a cut of the ad revenues.

This seems to imply that adsense/adwords will be rewritten to accommodate the revenue stream of Opera. Am I being pessimistic, or missing the picture entirely?


Aren't they talking about

Aren't they talking about how currently the free version displays google adsece for every page you go on to?

Mayby they are not just had a read around there site.

Google already have this

Google already have this scheme in place, called "AdSense for Search" - I reckon it's simply that that they're using.

definitely "AdSense for search:"

That was my first thought too - the search box will simply be implemented via adsense, no fiddling necessary.
Twould be interesting to know how the figures compare - pay for the browser vs pay for (some of0 the traffic through the browser...

opera partner identifiers

When I took a quick look at opera during the free key period, I found that a number of the search bar entries were of the form:

note that the "search" sites included shopping sites like ebay, amazon and one of those price comparison sites.

so i was already suspecting that opera was collecting commissions along the way.

the response will be that these can always be removed. but how many will do it?

and internally does opera silently replace affiliate cookies with their own affiliate cookies in the cookie processing routines? this could only be discovered through monitoring of the communciations channel.

finally, is this why google hired those ex netscape engineers?

controlling the browser is the ultimate affiliate dream. by doing this you can control/hijack the commission stream.

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