DigitalPoint Forums go from Strength to Strength

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DigitalPoint Forums Earns Respect of Yahoo! & Google
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Barry writes a good summary of how DigitalPoint forums is very much an up and coming star in the Ad scene, in particular regard to contextual ads. Linked at Barry's post are sightings of Yahoo and Google reps moving in on what's becoming a hot source of info on Adsense et al, as well as our Jen, who rarely misses an opportunity...

Well done to Shawn over their, i gather they recently broke the 10K posts mark also. DP is one of my favorites when i have time, which is less and less these days unfortunately, but i like the younger, more vibrant atmosphere they foster there. Some of the forum offerings in this space can be a bit [i]stuff[i] you know?

If you've never checked it out, do so, I think you'll like it...