Reporters without Borders putting Bloggers Lives at Risk?

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Guide aims to help bloggers beat censors
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In some countries, you can be executed for being gay, and hard lines are taken against those that break reporting laws. With that in mind, rather than jump on what im sure will become quite a large backing of Reporters without Borders' Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents as reported by BusinessWeek, I'd like to ask if this is as wise as it would at first appear?

Don't missunderstand me, I think RSF do some important work, and I'm against gagging of individuals and press alike, but man, if you get caught (and trust me, NO anonymity tactics are 100% safe) then....



what could they do?

What could they do, say it's not possible to blog anonymously?

The section by Ethan Zuckerman is very thorough, but I doubt many "journalists" will be able to stomach it. The point of every section is "but it's difficult, and not completely safe". When we take risks, we like them to be simple. They can be big, but they have to be simple.

I was surprised they didn't suggest using a personal network (international) for posting. But then again, it is very hard to discuss security and privacy without compromising it.

Kudos to them for starting to educate the voices, but I agree it may not be enough, and may be encouraging risky activity.

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