Google's Firefox Toolbar Leaves Beta

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New, improved, and out of beta
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Insane marketers and webmasters will no doubt be overjoyed to learn that the Google Firefox Toolbar is now out of beta. There are a couple of new bells and whistles, most notably the integration of Google Suggest, more on the Google blog link above.


Just installed it :-)

Just installed it :-)

...doesn't work for 1.5

...doesn't work for 1.5 Beta...thought they would have had that sorted...doh!

Does it have any real

Does it have any real advantages over Googlebar or Googlebar Lite? I know you can customize the layout, so I assume I'd be able to ditch the autofill button, but is there a reason to install it?

is there a reason to install

is there a reason to install it?

Nothing springs to mind immediately qwerty..


to help Google create a better user experience of course.

Honestly, you're just not getting the meme are you?

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