A spamming feotus?

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A spamming foetus?
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This thread definately deserves to be in Bollocks!

After a few hectic and stressful weeks for Sue (my long suffering, non spamming "her indoors") and I am afraid to report that I have a silly grin on my face due to the quacks at the local hospital finally saying that Sue has a viable baby within her.

Just for the record it may not become a spammer and whatever (s)he ends up doing it is guaranteed to be a fighter. It already beats odds saying there was a 99.999% chance it couldn't happen!



Congratulations! With those odds i guess he(she)’ll be into casinos ;) Just when you thought Daniel was handful :)

Lovely, well done Sue :)

Lovely, well done Sue :)

You go baby!!!!

That's awesome Jason, Sue, and baby!

Congrats! :D

Silly grins work!

It's going to be a great time! Congrats and enjoy!


Those pies you were talking about really must be special.

Nice one

Well done and good luck :O)

Thanks everyone and as Mat

Thanks everyone and as Mat inferred never underestimate the power of the pantry that is lime tree!

congrats Jason

congrats Jason

I am not so sure spammer is a recessive trait, and with your mad skills the future may already be determined :)

Burberry Buggy

Congratulations mate. You can now order the matching Burberry buggy and accessories! :)


Can you get alloy wheels and spoilers for buggies? ;O)


Congrats, and get some sleep in advance now ;)

how did I miss this?

how did I miss this? congratulations!

Nothing but BEST

Regards! Congrats!

it may not become a spammer

(s)he can always become a SE engineer...

Congrats to all 3

Finally confirmed! Good stuff, at least you have already had practice.

Thanks everyone. (s)he can

Thanks everyone.

(s)he can always become a SE engineer.

Damn good idea. Matt, can I put it's name down for GoogSchool please?

LOL, you have to pick a name

LOL, you have to pick a name first, surely....

You could pick a gender neutral name, to facilitate early registration

What's wrong with feotus

What's wrong with feotus Duke?

Or I suppose it could be Sam, that's pretty neutral and works both ways. Sam the Spammer or Sam the Search :)

What's wrong with feotus Duke?

... pedant ... coz it's foetus ... and, jeez, foet.us is already parked!

LOL, Sam :) I wonder if the

LOL, Sam :)

I wonder if the SL uniforms come in baby sizes?

Congrats, Jason & Sue (and baby too)

Wonderful news, just wonderful.

You have many sleepless nights ahead of you ;) I've got two rugrats of my own.

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