24Mbps Broadband Goes Live in London

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Super speedy BB
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Be 24Mbps Broadband goes live today in the London area. They currently offer no download caps, no 12 month contract, a free modem (with 2 VoIP ports), 24/7 tech support, up to 24meg download and 1.3meg upload all for £24 a month. Looks like we might be seeing the start of a BB revolution?


telewest have just started

telewest have just started upgrading some users to 10mbps and have promised 100Mbps for London by the end of next year


... is pretty hot.

Gonna be ages

till this stuff filters through to other areas, like waiting for basic adsl all over again.

I wonder how long the

I wonder how long the company can afford to do that. So many ISP's have come and gone from offering very aggresive. In most cases they just don't have the infrastructure to handle all their customers, they piss everyone off, and they leave for someone else.

I'm guessing this is an LLU thing that's never really gotten anywhere other than London. I use www.freedom2surf.net for some work connection, and they state they are now offering 8mbps where capable and then 24mbps. But even the 8mbps connection was only availible on 14 exchanges in June, though they suggest it's meant to be over 200 now. Still, not very many considering the thousands of them all over the country. Only got ADSL at all here at the office in Feb 2004.

At the moment, I'm more interested in uploads speeds anyway. 2Mbit download is plenty for normal use, it's rarely even a problem with 25 people on the network. Upload speeds are more of an issue, 256kbps is pathetic.

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