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You know, when we talk about blogs, we're inclined to side-step beauty in favour of content. This is a good thing imo, we're not all artists, and we don't all have budgets for professional design. But when bloggers start pointing to some "wonderful" idea to beat the ad networks and bring publishers and advertisers together, you expect a bit more than the default wordpress template! This site is a disgrace. A half baked idea gaffa taped to a half baked design.

What a load of bollocks.


So, what are you trying to

So, what are you trying to say Nick? Make yourself clear, please


got to agree

saw this link from Steve this morning....Steve Rubel, please start actually looking at the crap you are linking to before providing the link. Jeez...any site that has Kubrick loaded as the standard view isn't serious, its what bloggers do when they've drunk too much Guiness, came up with a good idea, but got bored about 5 minutes into it and went back to watching sport :-)

Interesting that handguns is the first post though, somebody might need to buy some if this site takes off :-)

Kubrick loaded as the standard view isn't serious

I'm a Kubrick man and trust me I'm deadly serious.


RE: community.publisherads.com - An Aprils Fool's joke, surely?

Hehe...it is even a good

Hehe...it is even a good idea as it will give good link value if its done well.

*But to not put up a design for such a site, isnt really professional. Still I am using Cubrick myself :-)

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