Xbox 360 Teaser Site Revealed

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Xbox360 teaser site revealed..
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Some of you may have seen this site, some may have not. I received an email a while back from MS with photos of the Xbox 360 and other info. At the bottom of this HTML was a silhoutte of two rabbits (no i haven't been drinking, stay with me).

Being the inquisitive soul that I am, I clicked on them. I was then taken to Origen Xbox 360, a teaser site for something to do with the 360. Some people thought it was the countdown to the release of Halo 3, others didn't have a clue. The site had a counter and now it's reached zero it turns out that the site is a competition for people to win a trip to the US for a 360 launch event.

It appears as though it's been changing over the last month(?) or so. When I first saw it, the page page had a tree and not much else. Now it has a tree, some talking rabbits, ripe fruit and a whole load of flash animation. It's worth a look, made me laugh out loud for the first time today, it's created some buzz in the gaming world...


You didnt find that whole

You didnt find that whole thing kind of a let down when the "secret" was revealed will?

oh yeah, utter crap. It's

oh yeah, utter crap. It's what i've come to expect from MS. I'll still be getting a 360 tho ;)

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