First Orkut, Now Adwords Joins the Google Borg

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Google AdWords Advertisers must have Google Accounts to log in?
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Recently Orkut users, poor misguided souls that they are, were assimilated into the Google Account Borg, now Adwords accounts will be similarly required to switch to the "one size fits all" structure.

As Andrew Goodman says

It strikes me as pretty strange, if you think about it.

A business to business relationship being mixed in with a B2C portal login? Microsoft and Yahoo aren't trying to link advertiser accounts to MS & Yahoo portal logins, I notice.

Strange indeed. Can anyone find me a tin-foil hat affiliate program? I think we should have a permenant link on some of these stories...


all your cookies belong to us

What I can see:

1. cookies can be accessed across ALL subdomains of * as first party cookies
2. they will be able to feed you adwords in your gmail account, target=ecommerce b2b
3. some email admins will be forced to take off filters that drop incoming email

Furthermore, having assigned a contact address of to an adwords account, someone will instead have to have, YUCK!

The new core mission at GOOG:

Piss off as many people as possible in as many ways as possible

I meant to post this but had

I meant to post this but had to pick the rug rats up at school. Here the text from the adwords page

We're upgrading our AdWords login system to Google Accounts.
This means that in the next few months, you'll be asked to update your AdWords login to a Google Account. A Google Account is made up of a single email and password, and gives you a simple and secure way to sign in to many Google services - without having to log in and out each time. Look out for this required upgrade when you log in soon. Learn more.

I imagine like any google account such as orkut you'll be logged in unless you log out. You need cookies and can't turn them off to use it. I can't see them not bringing adsense into the fold as well. So they will have access to your gmail, what keywords you are buying, and what sites you own or have influence over through adwords, what other sites you own via adsense, any sites you have submitted to adsense, and any searches you perform on google as well.

Google Borg ... very scary stuff indeed

Everyone should send

Everyone should send them a nice nasty email over this. What a crock.

not me, but

What about sem firms that have tens, if not hundreds of accounts?

What if a particularly forward thinking sem firm has setup their accounts using special email accounts that show up in Microsoft Exchange Public Folders for all interested parties to view? That would be totally broken with this change.

This is typical .net or .mba thinking.

Since when does a vendor tell a customer how the customer is going to identify himself *after* the contract has been signed?

Who does this benefit? Certainly not the customer.

Yep, that's it. Make it

Yep, that's it. Make it harder for us to do our jobs. Sometimes I feel like companies have meetings where they bring in pictures of the people who manage accounts for their customers and the discussion goes something like this:

Manager: "Alrighty... Who've we got?"

Yes Man #1: "These are the SEM manager profiles from the San Jose convention, sir."

Yes Man #2: "They're stuck using our service no matter what sir; no chance these turkeys are jumping ship."

Yes Man #3: "And they've got no industry representation or clout with the press, sir - sitting ducks."

Manager: "Crush them."

Director: "I prefer a policy of torture. Make it slow and painful, team."

Developers: (in unison) "Sir, yes sir!"

Ta da - that's how the magic is made, people.

overconfident, aren't they?

Yahoo are paying out more, I hear (pretty reliable) rumours that MSN will be more concerned about poaching adsense publishers than making money for themselves from their ad network. Goog are about to enter a time period when they need to retain their clients (either by positive action or apathy) and they introduce a change which forces account holders to take an action?

Well if you've gotta change your details to keep your adsense account I reckon it's not that much more bother to sign up for one of the others huh?

Matt, if you're reading this I recommend Google hire NFFC's daughter as a consultant starting immediately. She could probably fit in a couple of hours a day after finishing her homework and she'd have you sorted out within a few months. When she tells you which people to sack I think you should listen :)

no chance these turkeys are jumping ship


but, what about rats?

"I understand that you are

"I understand that you are concerned about the launch, but assure you that
we are taking these kinds of concerns into account as we near the release
of this exciting system enhancement." -- the response I received when I complained to Google.

Oh, gag. An exciting system enhancement? For whom? I'm perfectly happy with my AdWords login. It doesn't enhance anything to require me to sign in with an email address I don't currently use...and in actuality, will never use.

Help me understand: what is

Help me understand: what is a google account? Is it a gmail login? As I understand, you have to have a google account just to run adwords. Isn't creating a login a google account?

I don't understand this at all.

And if it is a google mail login, how do you do it if you haven't been invited to google mail?

It seems to me it would be a

It seems to me it would be a gmail log in. Gmail went public, so you no longer need an invitation. Interesting that right after it went public, Google announced that AdWords users were going to need a Google account. Yes, I have a Google account, but no, I don't want to use it. I feel the same way about Flickr requiring a Yahoo email account to log in to my Flickr account. I already *have* a login, I don't want another one.

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