Yahoo Updates Desktop Search

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Yahoo Updates Desktop Search
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Desktop search isn't my thing, in fact the idea of letting any of the search engines crawl around and index the contents of my files is very creepy. However I guess the John and Jane Q Publics of the world like destop search, so Yahoo has brought desktop search out of beta and made some improvements.

The next time you’re using YDS to search for e-mails, IM archives, contacts or documents, simply highlight some text within the preview pane and click the new “LiveWords” button to start your search. Selecting a word or phrase that you’d like to know more about will, as Reiner puts it, “automagically” present you with the most relevant results.

Thanks to your help and feedback, the latest version of Yahoo! Desktop Search is also no longer in Beta. We’ve steadily been working on improving the core file, e-mail and document search capabilities and along the way we even managed to sneak in a new battery saver mode which defaults to index only when your PC is plugged in (Jeremy, we’re still listening).

So does anybody here use desktop search? Are you worried at what it may find, and home much information is being sent "back to the mother ship"?


Not on your life! Im on

Not on your life!

Im on linux mostly, but even on my Win machine i use this little thing called a file system! hehe...

No ...

> the idea of letting any of the search engines crawl around and index the contents of my files is very creepy

That says it for me. I use folders organized logically. Works great.

Not a third party desktop

Not a third party desktop search. Spotlight has come in handy on the Mac, but I would never let Yahoo or Google root around on my harddrive even if they made a Mac desktop search client.


I'm the only one who's supposed to be rooting around on my desktop. And the idea that I can't find something should be a hint that perhaps a little organization is in order. :)

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