What's On Your USB Key?

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MikeTechShow.com has a good list of software you should be carrying around in your pocket at all times. I personally use my usbKey a lot and when I don't have it, I am pretty much always called short.

Everything from Portable Firefox, Thunderbird to RSS Reader, CD/DVD burner, ftp and and telnet. He even has a 62mb zipped download of all his utilities to save you running around.

Follow the link above and feel free to let us know what they have missed out.



I hope the podcast explains what all that stuff actually does, dont recognise half the list so cant see why I would want them. Anyone care to save me finding some earphones? :O)

Download the zip

I downloaded the zip and will go through it later today if I have the time and see what I may find handy that I don't already have.

I have one directory on my usbKey where I always keep pieces of software that people who think that I know more about computers always ask me about when they have problems. I pretty always run around with Firefox, Thunderbird, AVG Free Edition, Crap Cleaner, Spybot S+D, Microsoft Antispyware, An old copy of Edit Plus 2 so that I can install them on machines if I need them or think the person would need them.

I constantly use Portable Firefox and Portable Thunderbird from the Key and it will be interesting to see how many of the others I use from the zip file.


If you don't have a full operating system on your bootable USB stick then you ain't a real Geek, imho.


Real operating systems dont boot off USB (where is my dec pdp usb drive..?)

what's wrong

with being a girlie? I removed my complimentary Geeky-USB key fob when I got my bottle opener one - I get lots more use from this one ;)

dev on the run.

I have this on mine:

apache, mysql and php:

I can boot Windows derived

I can boot Windows derived OS off a USB key Chris. Does that mean it isn't a real OS ? :P


key...key? pah! 60GB ipod

key...key? pah!

60GB ipod fully loaded!...with some music on there as well :O)


No real OS is mouse-operated. A real operating system comes on top-loaded clunk-click hard disk platters and is operated with teletype :OP

Actually I would like to see a USB-bootable Windows, would be pretty neat..

Looking around.

I've got my resume on my cruzer LOL

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