Traffic Power Muppets Still Getting a Good Kickin'

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Search Engine Placement Lawsuit May Chill Free Speech
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Traffic Power, the muppets that sued Aaron Wall over comments made on his website, in an effort to stem bad publicity, are still getting round after round after round of... yeh, bad publicity. Honestly, I don't think i've ever seen a company so utterly bent on it's own destruction as these wankers. You'd have to be frothing at the mouth, stark raving looney tunes to keep doing this to yourself.

Ecommerce Times are the latest to cover this sorry tale

Not a whole lot that would be news to anyone already following this saga - however I found the opening paragraph somewhat amusing as it implies a sympathetic tone for TP.

The stakes are high for the lawsuit. is seeking to restore its reputation, and hopefully, one day, be allowed to work with again. Being knocked off the search engine would be a blow to any Internet marketing firm.

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Fitting title change.

T.P. = Asshats.


Kind of like the sound of this, makes me think of the Stooges in 1940's zoot suits.

Technically, T-P is right about one thing

Clients' sites did drop out of the listings because of changes made by the search engines. It wasn't until the search engines implemented more effective filtering against sites that don't meet their acceptability guidelines that the T-P client sites began vanishing.

I'm not sure of how attorneys would pass that ball back and forth in a court, but I think it's interesting that Aaron's attorney invoked the CDA against the lawsuit. If the court upholds that one objection, that should pretty much end the entire issue.


T.P. = Asshats. now we have white hats, black hats and ass hats. That's great!


"so... now we have white hats, black hats and ass hats."

Or don't you mean hats with holes... ;-)

Chris Ridings did an video

Chris Ridings did an video interview with Aaron for those following the case.

Nothing you've not already read i think, but interesting to "hear" rather than read...

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