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RollyO Launches Beta
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This one is kind of useful though, it allows you to enter up to 30 source urls and "roll your own" custom site search. Try RollyO (oh god, that name!) for yourself, but don't waste too much time on it...

The really annoying thing about it though, is that i spent 20 fucking minutes creating a Search forums search, and i can't work out how to link to the stupid thing!



Oh god...

Micro Persuasion: Roll Your Own Search Engine with Rollyo

Over the past several weeks I have been testing a new stealth search engine called Rollyo. It's now in a public beta. Rollyo is a very smart idea. Any individual can set up a custom searchroll that searches within anywhere from one to 25 different sites.

Stealth? Stealth? Bleeding Stealth? It's a sodding site search for christ sake, not the next buggering Google...

Good grief!

Added Again

Dan found my SEO Forums Site Search! Thanks Dan :) - They really need to make that easier to find and link to...


RollyO Stealth Search

It'll find it but you'll never know it

Pretty nice idea

Pretty nice idea though...
Here's your forum site: http://www.rollyo.com/search.html?q=%22%22&sid=1140 ;)

Thanks Dan, i added it to

Thanks Dan, i added it to the post :)


Gigablast has had roll your own (topical) search for months. It's aimed at webmasters to put on their sites. http://gigablast.com/cts.html It actually works quite well.

The whole time i was writing

The whole time i was writing that i KNEW some minor search engine had done it before :)

thanks Brad!

I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss RollYo

This one has some potential. It's an interesting way of scraping Yahoo!'s results. I wonder if Yahoo! will pull the plug?

Anyway, it looks like they intend to provide people with search boxes. This could be a better customizable resource than others I have looked at.

I'm betting they have paid

I'm betting they have paid for the Yahoo search feed. No I would not dismiss this so easily. If they can get the Firefox toolbar, desktop widgets and search boxes for webmasters all operational this could very much catch on. One way for a searcher to cut the spam out is to only search trusted sources and this gives one that ability very nicely.

The topical search from Gigablast works very well with fairly static sites, but I think Yahoo has the advantage on dynamic sites such as forums due to a more frequent refresh cycle.

This could be real interesting.

Im betting it'll be all

Im betting it'll be all rollyWhat? in a few weeks.

I just don't see much value or interest long term in something like this.

But then it'd not be the first time i've been wrong on these things so we'll wait and see i guess :)

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