DivX Free Today Only

I am quite a fan of DivX so it was a nice suprise to see that today you can get the create package for windows for free to celebrate their 5th birthday.

For those who don't know, DivX allows you to compress video files down while keeping really good quality and play videos already created with the software. DivX is very popular in the file sharing and movie downloading world but it is starting to find a home in the commercial world too having featured in virals etc.


offer over now

just checked the page and it says come back in 2010

just saving anyone the bother of clicking.

Really ...

Thanks. That's pretty interesting, Chris. Appreciated.


I *believe* (havent downloaded this particular download yet) it comes with a player and a codec so you can play back in any windows app..

If I could ask ...

You also need the software to play back the movie?

I ask because we seem to be going into video-related work quite a bit.

nice find Chris,

nice find Chris, alternatively use xVid for compressions and virtualdub for editing – both free :)

I was under the impression

I was under the impression XviD was better, in both offering higher-quality video in the same filesize, and usage in the realms of filesharing.