What are Yahoo's Plans for RSS?

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Yahoo RSS Intentions Are No Secret
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Jeremy Zawodny posts in response to a rather silly piece over at WPW - I'd like to use that as an excuse to ask what Yahoo's plans are exactly? - roughly would do in fact...

From the blog post linked above:

As I've said before, we're helping to take RSS mainstream. Not only do we produce hundreds of thousands of RSS feeds, we've given literally millions of users access to syndicated content via My Yahoo. And we're not stopping there.

Im very keen on RSS as some know, and Y!'s efforts so far are pretty impressive I think. We mentioned yahoo being serious about RSS and i've played with their RSS feeds from Yahoo advanced news searches but although Jeremy says their intentions are clear, there only really clear that they have intentions right? heh....

So come on Y! - What are you planning?

I'd love to see Yahoo contextual ads for RSS feeds for example, perhaps some kind of Y! aggregator, i'd like a special page like bloglines for my feeds (the my yahoo stuff leaves a lot to be desired)

So goddamit! tell us all about it...

What RSS Services/Products would You Like to See?


Roughly speaking...

Since I obviously can't tell you about future products until the future arrives, we're going to do a few things:

- make more feeds available from various sources within Yahoo
- improve on what's already doable with RSS in My Yahoo
- some new stuff :-)

None of those should be surprising, but you'll see...


I guess some of this hangs on finding your 1337 R$$ h4xx0r! huh? heh...

Well, looking forward to it mate, keep us posted....


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