Mobile Operators Fear GOOG

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It appears that mobile operators are battling with Google over the provision of search on their mobile networks according to a panel of Asian and European operators at a tradeshow in San Francisco.

The director of global content development at Vodafone even went so far as to say "search is the key battleground"

Persuading users to visit the operators' search engine not only gives them the sponsor revenue, but allows the phone companies to lead them to their own premium services that can generate additional revenue, such as sales of ring-tones.

"Carriers hate accurate search," said J H Kah, global vice president at South Korea Telecom. "Then you just end up at the content."

Just when you thought that the cost of having a mobile/cell phone was coming down you see the other ways they rip you off.


It's certainly a massive

It's certainly a massive area, or at least it will be. Theres a mobile monday / search sig thing going on on 10th, maybe worth looking at what comes out of that...

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