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Yahoo Site Explorer Finally Live!
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As mat mentioned earlier today, the Yahoo! Site Explorer "coming soon" page has been on the blink, but now it's live. You can traverse the pages Y! has indexed of your site, or your competitions, and follow "explore url" links on each result to dig further down.

I can't quite see why Barry and Phoenix are so excited about it though. Perhaps someone can explain what i'm missing?

I can see how it might be useful find all the pages on a site with bad navigation for example, or perhaps to troubleshoot why Yahoo has indexed so many dupe urls but other than that, isn't it just a simplified version of tools that already exist from the main search?

Possibly im just being thick, you tell me...


The pointy-clikkety nature

The pointy-clikkety nature of it is highly addictive :-)

(eg. the "link to page" vs. "link to site", and then following links...)

APIs also available

Hey Nick,
May want to check out the APIs as they may be more interesting to you.

Definately a little more

Definately a little more interesting, cheers tim!

Limited to 5,000 requests

but by IP, not by API? Hmm.... this can be overriden by means of using anonymous proxies, if I get it right...

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