Adsense Fund Transfers Leave Beta

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Adsense EFT Leaves Beta
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If you use adsense you may be interested to know EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) just came out of beta

Remember, there's no charge to receive your payments through EFT, and your AdSense payments are converted into your local currency before being deposited directly into your bank account. EFT is available to publishers with payment addresses in 16 different countries. So skip the line at the bank, and save on foreign currency check charges, by signing up for EFT today!

My last two payments have been via EFT and they happened between the 25 and 30th.


US only?

I'm presuming this is US only? Certainly got the little message bar in Adsense today pointing me to it but had no option there in to actually take it up...suppose I should be grateful though, they've only been doing AUD cheques for 3 months, dont have to pay $25 and wait a month for my Google cheque to clear any more.

Someone want to tell G to

Someone want to tell G to update their help files which still say beta :)
Been using it for awhile and it’s lot less hassle than having to cash cheques
Available in 15 countries but not OZ

Woohoo! About time too. Now,

Woohoo! About time too. Now, all we need to do is persuade them to give the option to pay up in Amazon vouchers too :)

I use it now since the beta

I use it now since the beta test start in April without any problems over here in Germany. With the end of the beta test should now AdSense-Publishers with 5-figures-checks be able to attend, too.


That is great because the check they sent me yesterday had my "Site Name" instead of "my name" on the check for some odd reason. It has always been in my name for over a year. Since my bank accounts are under my name I will proably have to wait weeks for Google to get me my money.

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