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Coupons Inc. Bows Contextual Placement System
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Coupons Inc have announced a new contextual placement program this week. It appears to work a little like intelliTXT, but offers content sensitive coupons for local stores.

Contextual placement involves scanning host Web pages for keywords, and linking them to related content. While several online networks offer contextual ad placements, most notably Google’s AdSense, Concordance is the first such execution designed specifically to deliver coupons and promotions. Instead of trying to distract the consumer, Concordance links to offers on relevant products when the consumer is most likely to want them. For instance, Concordance will scan an article on children’s nutrition with a section on healthy cereal, and create links to consumer-printed coupons for whole-grain and trans-fat free cereals. Consumers can then print the coupons and redeem them at local retailers. Offers delivered via Concordance utilize Coupons, Inc.’s time-tested technology and services, including secure coupons, consumer registration, viral marketing, and consumer affairs options.

Interesting, and i know there's some money in coupons but i've always thought of them (as a consumer) as a little on the lame side...


Doesn't instill confidence

Site doesn't work for FF with an altered user agent.

Thanks for reminder Nick

I saw this earlier and meant to blog about it but didn't have time. (I've been playing detective this week. I'm in the middle of a big identity theft, intl wire fraud, affiliate fraud ring investigation - I'm actually a victim and trying to work with FBI to bust these guys - so it's eaten up my time. Will blog about all the drama when I can release some info.)

So any way I just blogged about Coupons Inc and linked here of course. Even though I think coupons are lame too, I don't even use them - they ARE big business. I think this model is VERY innovative and will help lots of merchants and affiliates profit if they can execute it well.

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