Feedster to Debut Self Serve RSS Ads Product

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Feedster to Release New RSS Ad Product
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Feedster are to announce a new RSS ad product that will be more "self serve" than their current offerings within the next couple of weeks. Speaking at OMMA East, Feedster's Chris Reditz said the product would be more like Google Adsense for RSS than what they currently do.

To complement the product, Feedster will also release a feed-profiling tool later this year. The product, Redlitz said, will profile a blogger's feeds using Feedster's index--and will deliver ads based on the overall content of the feed over time, not individual posts. For example, a blogger who writes about politics 80 percent of the time would still receive politically relevant ads the other 20 percent of the time when he blogs about, say, his cat.

Sounds kind of neat...


This will be interesting...

They are also looking at putting ads in in podcasts. It looks as thought it as all tied through Pud's Adbrite system.

These are interesting developments.

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