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Wanna F18
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Got this one via Digg. Are all those Google adsense cheques lying around the office because you don't know what to spend them on because Christmas is too far away to worry about?

Well Clark's Precision Machine and Tool from Profit Azle in Texas has what could be the ultimate boy's toy.

CPM&T is proud to announce the immediate availability of one of our F-18E Super Hornet Micro-Simulators! Click here for more details.

We currently have one used F-16 Simulator on a hydraulic motion platform for immediate delivery. click here for details.

As some of you may know, I am quite the aviation buff and if anyone is thinking about just sending me a gift - THIS IS THE ONE I would really like please - just sticky me for the shipping address.


Love it, but i still wanna

Love it, but i still wanna be a firetruck...


... how about a shovel ? I think "Dragline" is the word for this kind. Then again, parking would be easier with a smaller hydraulic one perhaps ...

Found it!

Via Slashdot:

The Moller Skycar. Apparently you can get it at Neiman Marcus for US$ 3.5 mio. He, and you get to learn a new word too, it's not "Beta", it's "Prototype".

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