A Blog is Just a Website, Live with It

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Nobody Knows What Blogging Is Nor Should They
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Adrants echo an opinion expressed almost daily on Threadwatch, a blog is just a website that makes it easy to publish and discover. There's nothing that special about them other than they come kitted out with RSS and anyone can do it, rather than just those who can program.

They were refering to the brits confuse blogging with dogging story

This research confirms the notion we've supported for a long time. Weblogging is just a really easy way to publish a website that, because of the platform, gets easily distributed and picked up by search engines.

And yes, it does fall into the consumer generated media space but let's be honest. It's a website. That's all a blog is. A website that just happens to be easier to publish then a "regular" website. Are we that surprised that moist people don't know what a blog is? Should we even care? As long as published content is being read and influencing the intended audiences, it really doesn't matter whether it's a weblog or a hard-coded, old-fashioned website.

Now that's sure to ruffle a few peacock feathers...

They go on to tackle whether blogs should be seperated from regular search results - and i agree, it's a bit stupid really.

If someone is searching for information on a particular topic, it's irrelevant to them whether this information is contained on a blog or a "regular" website.

Here's how it works:

  • Blogs achieve critical mass in 2004
  • Every muppet can now have a website
  • A new aristocracy of blogs is born
  • They all think they discovered the internet now they have a website
  • Specialist search engines cash in on the growing craze
  • Traditional search engines feel they have to keep up
  • Yet all the while, the blog bubble is slowly deflating as they become more mainstream and people actually realize that yes, they ARE a great way to communicate, and YES, it is cool that everyone can do it, and YES, they do matter, BUT, they ARE just websites at the end of the day.

Don't get me wrong, i love all this stuff, i genuinely think it's great that everyone can now be involved, and what they do have that regular sites dont is the whole network/comm thing going on with RSS and readers, and i like that too.

But man, it does get a bit dull reading about how awesome blogs are every sodding day when really they're quite ordinary (which is part of what makes them so successful...)

Hmm.. rant over, i think...


It's not just ease of use

Blogs make it easier for publishers to grow an audience through trackbacks and comments on other blogs. A website that's not a blog (or a forum) is far less likely to offer readers the opportunity to comment, and grow a community of readers who interact both with the publisher and each other.

I think that's a significant difference.

I agree, there are a few

I agree, there are a few significant differences. The general point is sound though i think, they are just websites, and shouldn't really be segregated from search results, and the public should not be expected to know or care what they are...

There are many "blogs"

There are many "blogs" without comments though come to think of it. SEW's blog doesn't have comments - but it's still a blog...

I agree that a blog in

I agree that a blog in itself is just a website, however myself and many other people have a website, and in that they have a blog. The difference between blog and website is blurring these days, with Wordpress allowing generic pages to be created, etc.

The problem is, blogs used to be part of websites, but increasingly these days, blogs ARE the websites. Too many people, even those with the skills, create a blog when really they should have made a website.

Bad software choice? Many

Bad software choice?

Many more traditional CMS' come with RSS and comments now, are they blogs? No, i don't think so, but they're different to "normal" websites right?


So er, i guess my point is i agree mopatop, the line is blurring :)

what does Google/yahoo say?

That's what I feelis important. Do the major SEs classify blogs vs. websites, and if so, HOW.

Blogs are websites, but they

Blogs are websites, but they are websites who's primary architecture is chronologic not hierarchical. Many vendors have started to implement categories, tagging or other such features that mimic traditional subject organization, but within these categorization systems the underlying foundation is still calendric.

Excuse me while I go remove the oversized word dictionary I seem to have eaten for breakfast.


The structure of a site is significant as well, although I suppose one could organize a non-blog site the same way.

I do agree that I don't see a point in search engines treating blogs differently. They should not be segregated from the normal search just because they're blogs. I'd say that some blogs serve as news sources, and as such, they should probably come up in news searches. The rest of them should be treated by the engines as normal sites.

A blog differs from a normal site in structure and in the way its owner interacts with his/her audience, but from the perspective of an SE, it's just pages of content, IMO.

How long before we get a special forum search?

CMS vs. Blog

I never really clearly understood the difference between blogs and CMS' like Mambo and Drupal

if this were an article on a regular site

how many comments would it get? would anyone care about it? no.

a blog post about blogs not mattering...smells like a linkbait ;)

Everything is linkbait with

Everything is linkbait with blogs, that's one of their other qualities hehe..

And even if an article on a

And even if an article on a normal site is linkbait, you're not going to know someone has linked to you until you happen to see the link on the other site, or someone clicks through on that link and you see it in your logs, or a search engine picks it up, reports it as a backlink, AND you check your backlinks.

So then you post a response, and two or three weeks later the person who linked to you finds out about that...

That's not what I'd call interactivity. It's more like an epistolary novel.

CMS vs Blogs

I haven't written about it a while but I've did a whole lot of work on defining what a blog is back in 2003/04 (a lot more people asking back then) and I wrote that one of the defining features was that it was powered by a CMS, so in that regard I don't believe that there is a world of difference. Interesting someone mentioned Drupal, I know a lot of blogs being run on Drupal. I guess the only difference is earlier on CMS packages were more dedicated to non-blogging tasks where as blog CMS packages (MT, WordPress) were blog only. The truth today is that there is really little difference at all, because CMS packages blog easily and blog CMS packages do a whole lot more things, including traditional CMS things (its amaazing what you can use WordPress as a backend for). Having said that though I'd rather blog using WordPress than Mambo.

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