Audio: Search Execs @ Adweek - Ends Today

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Listen Online: Search Execs and Others Speak During Advertising Week 2005
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Danny's pointing out a whole bunch of recordngs from Adweek and highlighting the Search specific ones, but be warned, apparently they are only there for "today" ok?

And by the way, although Danny has pointed out the Search ones, I've got a few more cued up that interest me so it's best to go through the lot and choose to save them and play at leisure i reckon...


If you listen to nothing

If you listen to nothing else, find the one with Seth Godin speaking. It's about an hour long, and bloody fantastic...

That would be "Infinity

That would be "Infinity Innovators #3". You have to register to listen, but just add any old spam-can (email address), as they practically promise to spam you.

I'm tuned in on "Panasonic Ideas For Life #2" right now, it's with Dan Rosenzweig of Yahoo. I selected the Godin one as well, just for the fun of it. And two others:

Panasonic Ideas For Life #4: Mike Kelly, President AOL Media Networks

Panasonic Ideas For Life #5: Faith Popcorn (for the fun of it, like Godin).

Anybody but me finding it hard to listen to talk radio while you work? Just me?

FF 4-5 minutes

I should add that if you download, fast forward the first 4-5 minutes.

Yeah, i had to keep

Yeah, i had to keep rewinding seth last night heh...

I went a little nuts ...

I went a little nuts and downloaded every available speech.

I find it difficult to listen to talk radio or audio tapes while I'm working on the computer, but such stuff is great listening in the car or while doing odd jobs around the house.

the Seth one...

Is very similar to the speech he gave at his office around the time Purple Cow came out.

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