Google & Yahoo! both Involved in Nuance Talent Poaching?

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Scoop: An Added Nuance to the Yahoo-Nuance Imbroglio
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Remember Yahoo! are being sued for poaching voice talent?, well rumour has it that there may be just a little more to this tale, involving Google, Jerry Yang and the normal cut throat business of Search engines.

file this next bit under unsubstantiated rumor, but supposedly a few months ago Google quietly hired away another one of Nuance's top technical guys, who later recruited two more Nuance engineers to Google. When Yahoo heard about this, Jerry Yang personally swooped in to help recruit the rest of the team to Yahoo before Google could get them. They (obviously) were not interested in working for ScanSoft.

Good grief...

There's more on that story here. It appears that a judge has slapped a temporary ban on those 13 employees working on Yahoo's speach recognition program.


i love the talkies

yep. i know nuance well. i like the company, the technology's pretty fascinating....

good stuff, yeah? well, not so much when your industry has lost its sexy and is now gutting it out and trying to replace old IVR systems (e.g."if you want to be aggravated, press one...") with speech recognition systems.

nuance's technology (and their competitors' - speechworks, lucent) needs an application and distribution channel, and currently the internets is about as big as you can get. plus, the speech reco technology has an easier time with the increasingly good quality of VoIP compared to mobile phones. when the biggest wireless carrier in the US has to use "can you hear me know?" as its marketing catch phrase, you know that all is not well on the tech side.

smart engineers tend to go where the action is, so this "poaching" by google and yahoo doesn't surprise me.

how about using google talk and yahoo voice to pay all your bills or book a travel reservation? could be more user friendly than navigating some website.... not a bad idea....

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