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How to get listed in Google Local results
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The first 4 or 5 posts in this seochat thread are a bit silly but it's shaping up nicely starting at around msg 7 - dseerveld says:

This issue is very important to me. I run a regional wildlife removal business. I worked hard on SEO to get the top spots for any regional searches in my area for terms such as "animal control" or "pest control". I got those spots, and everything was great.

....then Google introduces its local feature. Suddenly my top search engine listing is usurped by that stupid local listings section ahead of it ....and my competitors, who don't even have websites and have no clue what SEO is, are suddenly listed ahead of me in Google! Outrageous!

Much speculation about yellow pages listings, mapquest and all other manner of possible factors follow. Im not certain at all on this so perhaps someone in the know could fill in some blanks?

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Regardless of not reaching a conclusion it's turning out to be a damn good read, thanks seochatters!



pageoneresults must have seen this i guess, he just gave a nice answer in the thread.

thanks pageone!

Thanks Nick. If I hadn't been

Thanks Nick. If I hadn't been stopping by here everyday, I'd probably be missing more of the good stuff that is out there. Great information resource you've got here!

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