Yahoo Releasing Blog Search

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Yahoo Releasing Blog Search
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According to a Business Week article Yahoo will be releasing blog search sometime next week.

Look for Yahoo! to unveil a response to Google's blog search early next week. This from Bradley Horowitz, director of tech development in the company's search group. He wouldn't provide details in advance.

Details are sketchy if it will be a full blog search, or an RSS/FEED search. Steve Rubel caught a glimpse of it back in July, who knows how much as changed.


Oh man, let's just hope it's

Oh man, let's just hope it's better than Google's half arsed effort!

I was looking for that only

I was looking for that only yesterday. Now, what other blog SE's are there:

- Google blog search / Blogger search
- Icerocket
- Technorati
- Daypop
- Blogpulse
- Blogdigger

- I mean search engines that actually search through posts, not just those that return a list of blogs, like Feedster does. Anyone know any good ones apart from those mentioned above?

Clusty Blog search

Clusty Blog search

Bloglines is the other

Bloglines is the other larger one..

no avail

I´m specifically searching from something about a specific site not something from it - it's rather impossible, as all I seem to get is news from the site.

Clusty is a nice one btw. as it's a meta of some of the others, and then it clusters the results, but as the others are no good (at this particular search) Clusty doesn't really get it either.

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