Wail On Google's Quirks and the Unofficial Google Response

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Google quirks summary (all lies...)
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User Wail over at SearchEngineWatch Forum threw up a post naming out 4 Quirks concerning Google and unbashingly called them "Google lies." When I first saw this post I figured that that was kind of harsh and didn't expect to see the thread go anywhere.

Then the thread got a post from dannysullivan who added Zawodny's blog entry Lies Google Tells Me and his own personal favorite Google wailing.

Any thread Mr. Sullivan posts on of course gets everyones interest (3 brownie points or one free link please) but I sure didn't expect GoogleGuy to appear and grace the thread with his presence let alone address all of Wail's wailing.

Of course I added my two bits to the thread with a technical PR (PageRank) question about how the Google Direction PR and the Toolbar PR scales relate. GoogleGuy let it out of the bag in his answer to Wail that the two scales... well you will have to just go and read it yourself.