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Graywolf is dumping Google Adsense because of Site Targeting. He's asking advertisers targeting his site to contact him directly, and in my opinion, it's a good call.

If you had previously used site targeting to get your ads to appear here and would like to continue to advertise here in the future please contact me directly

You know, Adsense publishers are just losing more control with this feature - the fact that there is no opt out, in my opinion, is evil. It takes money away from publishers rather than giving it to them.

As soon as a viable alternative is available to me, Adsense is soooo out of here...


Ummmm.... you can opt your

Ummmm.... you can opt your site out of site targeting ;)




Where do you do that? I just looked in my control panel (UK so might be different)

Adbrite strikes me as a

Adbrite strikes me as a decent deal for publishers who are selling ads direct, at least a lot better than than Adsense.

How to opt out

You just need to contact the Google AdSense Team and request it. Opting out has been in place since site targeting initially launched.

>>You just need to contact

>>You just need to contact the Google AdSense Team and request it.

You're kidding me?

Then opting out hasnt really been in place since the beginning at all. It's been hidden since the beginning. That's not the same thing.

sorry this thread went walk

sorry this thread went walk about for a while, a bit of miscommunication with editors :)

GW told me he was actually

GW told me he was actually dropping adsense because of some case studies he's planning that may cause GOOG some grief...

I asked

You just need to contact the Google AdSense Team and request it. Opting out has been in place since site targeting initially launched.

I requested an opt out and got this

Unfortunately, at this time, we don't offer the option to display only
cost-per-click (CPC) ads. However as you are aware, you can opt out of
showing image ads altogether. While reviewing your account information I
noted you've opted to show text ads only. This will also ensure that your
websites will not include CPM ads

Make of that what you will...

I received a further reply late today, basically the info supplied to me as quoted earlier was incorrect and as Jenstar states, you can indeed opt out of site targetting upon request.

Jenstar, maybe you can opt

Jenstar, maybe you can opt out!

That AdSense rep note is seemingly nonsensical

I've helped one of my clients do site-targeted ads... TEXT ADS, not graphics.

So his ads currently show, CPM-style, on several sites. Those sites could have opted out of graphical ads, and it wouldn't matter... so I can't fathom what opting out of graphical ads (per the AdSense person's note) has to do with anything!

LOL, actually no, I don't

LOL, actually no, I don't have super special preferential treatment on this. I haven't opted out nor have I wanted to, but I know people who have. robwatts confirms this above as well, that you CAN opt-out of site targeting.

But it remains HIDDEN

Whish is SHIT, beyond belief.

I don't get why not having a choice about site-targeting is...

...such SHIT.

Honestly. Enlighten me.

My gut instinct would suggest that humans (an advertiser) may be able to sense a better match, contentwise, than even a smart machine... thus bringing more relevant advertising to a publisher's site.

And if it's wholly irrelevant... well, they're probably gonna get crappy click-thrus and conversions, waste a bunch of money, and not be on your site for long.

What am I missing here?

Good grief.... How can

Good grief....

How can publishers effectively sell advertising on their websites whilst running Adsense?

Advertisers can just bypass the homegrown program and site-target them...

I would bet that the vast

I would bet that the vast majority of sites being site targeted are there because AdWords suggested them to the advertiser during the ad campaign set up, rather than chosen because the advertiser specifically entered in the URL.

When I set up one campaign as an advertiser, I added one or two URLs, then let AdWords suggest many more similar URLs - and I chose at least a couple dozen of those suggested ones as well. The ones I didn't chose were sites that were still on-target, but outside of the particular niche I was targeting at the time.

FWIW, I sell advertising on a couple of my sites too, and I have not seen a decline in that ad revenue since site targeting launched. I don't see advertisers bypassing my own advertising options to site target via AdWords.

newb question

Sorry for the newb question,
Do AdSense provide a way to see which sites you own are being site targeted and by which advertisers?

PaulH not really... unless

PaulH not really... unless you just look at your advertisers on your site.

Sparking the thought..

..that if they provided you with specific data of who was targeting you, then you might be tempted to contact them directly and do a better deal..

That said, there isn't very much to stop an adwords advertiser, prompted via adword suggestion, from contacting the domain there?

All very shaky for google revs..or am I missing something too?

that’s what i was thinking

that’s what i was thinking :), if i could see an advertiser using site targeting they could be offered more prominent ads – don’t see why google would mind, after all it's all about making advertiser and publishers happy :D

If you are thinking of

If you are thinking of contacting advertisers to advertiser with you directly rather than through AdWords, tread carefully... it is against the AdSense terms to contact advertisers regarding their ads.


An agency could start brokering deals.

Traditional sales job, find two people who want to do business and get in the way.

Overblown Gripe IMO

I agree they should allow people to opt out, but for most smaller publishers this is really a nonissue. They just don't have the time, expertise, and money to effectivley persue selling and managing client ads.

I wouldn't opt out..

But I would leave the message on the site. If people are targeting your site with site targeting, why not swing a better deal for both of you?

I think his idea is a brilliant move. How is Google going to know one way or another?

Good grief, you can even

Good grief, you can even target specific pages!

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