170Mbps Broadband Through Electrical Socket

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170Mbps through an electrical socket demoed
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We've talked about broadband through electric a few times at Threadwatch and it's an area that i find quite facinating. With that in mind, you might appreciate that a Japanese firm just demonstrated 170Mbps through an electrical socket at a trade show. Pretty fast huh?

Companies have been able to demonstrate data running on powerlines before, but only at speeds up to around 10Mbps and with strict limitations on the length of the cables.

The main problem is that the signal will dissipate through the cables over any distance more than about 150m.

I wish they'd get that out here in Denmark, being stuck out in the country my BB is pretty lame, and my upstream is worse than lame :(


I used to work for a company

I used to work for a company who were one of the main backers behind this technology in the UK. I left the company before the product was due, but I remember it all fell through because it's just not viable over long distances.

Shame, PLDSL is symmetrical and... FAST :-)

They do that in Denmark too

Not in your area though. Northern Sealand, it's the NESA Utility that does it. Uhm.. on second thought I'm not sure they use the electrical sockets though, but it's fast as it's fiber-to-the-door. At the moment it's 100Mb/s

The State owned electricity

The State owned electricity company in Tasmana (one of the states in Australia) was running a pilot programme a year or two ago and they announced then that their tests had shown that is was viable and that they hade overcome the problems that others had encountered.

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