Skanky Spyware Site Forces GOOG Toolbar Download

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Google Toolbar Whacking- Developing Story
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This one's a little hard to follow, but i'll do my best to make it simple despite not being sure if i have the right of it myself heh.. A spyware site is forcing downloads of the Google Toolbar. It's not clear why, but a good guess might be that it makes it look like it's legit, while other more harmful apps are being installed.

There's a whole bunch of weirdness going on, so you'd best check it out for yerself


Wayne Porters Blog

Hi Nick, I was just coming to post this story as reported by Wane Porters blog on ReveNews but you SCOOPED me again! In addition to trying writing about the affiliate marketing space I also 'try" to keep up with spyware and malware storied when I have time.

Here's Wayne's blog which references the one you linked to.Google Toolbar Whacking- Developing Story - ReveNews - Wayne Porter, Sr. Director Greynet Research

"The security elite have been pondering a recent bombshell in the forced download area and this time it involves the company whose mantra is "Don't Be Evil". However, this this case an act of evil is certainly being perpetuated."

about premiumsearch

the powered by google thing gets users to use the toolbar so the spyware can spoof the results.

more info at

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