Quick & Dirty Backlink Anchor Text Checks

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Neat-O Backlink Tool - V1 Live
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Jim has another tool launch to tell you about. It's the Neat-O-Backlink Tool *groan*, what is it with him and names! hehe...

It's quite fun, and you'll probably find it useful for quick page checks for getting backlinks and their anchor text.


Seems like it is using Yahoo

Seems like it is using Yahoo API.


I never knew so many webmasters linked to me with the anchor text "timeout" :-)

Honestly I like the simplicity... very useful. Kudos for that.

Got many of those same

Got many of those same results myelf...hehe

Yes, I thought that was

Yes, I thought that was insane too. Amazing amount of scaper sites.

another popular sample of anchor text

that I found linking to my sites is "not found" :-)

Looks like it's not very good for determining the anchor text itself - but I like how it presents the list of sites linking to you.

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