MSN Blog - Load of old Bollocks?

Is the MSN Blog a pile of old tosh or what? - Really, i'd rather spectate postal chess!

Maybe they just havnt gotten into the spirit of blogging yet, the boys and girls at SG aren't impressed either by the sound of it:

Sorry, but I think M is lacking Innovation and Creativity. If you follow, you can NEVER catch up. The Internet is completely different from the PC market, M can not use the old strategy and technique to dominate this huge space.

~ GoldenHammer

But, maybe we're all wrong?
Gurtie, in the same thread thinks she may have spotted the hallmarks of Guerilla Marketer Aaron Wall somewhere deep in the text:

Lastly, a brief moment on peanut butter -- why is it that we stop liking peanut butter after like 8th grade? Or is it just me? I have not had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the longest time. This morning I had one. Yummy. Here’s to peanut butter.