Streuth Cobber, I Can Speak French!

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It has to be Australia
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Didn't do too well in French at school? Join the club. Now if they had taught these phrases which would have been much more helpful to me, I might have listened more....

"You've put on weight"
"You've got a face that would blow off manhole covers"
"My God your children are ugly!"
"It's a bit of a dive, but it has some nice mould."

Go over to the site for the translations of these and more. Maybe Nick could do the Danish version.


A friend of mine, when we

A friend of mine, when we all first came over to Denmark in '95 was taught how to go to the bar and order 2 beers.

"yi vil gern hay tow goaner fizzer"

Turns out it meant "two green pussies please" :)

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