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Search engine traffic versus link traffic
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Cre8asiteforum mod Bragadocchio does a grand job of busting this forum spammer wide open.

24 forums spammed with the same question, most don't even allow the spammers link - numpty!

IMNSHO, Forum spamming is evil (as opposed to blog spamming, which is, of course, fair game) ;)


Thank god for that....

Ya know 4eyes, the last time i mentioned this to somene (different guy, different forum) a whole bunch of folks jumped down my neck about cross-posting in forums being the norm...

Hell, there are things that wind me up more for sure, but bearing in mind how much time im spending surfing forums these days this stuff is bang up their in my top 5 serious annoyances....

off to check it out, i know the exact one you mean of course :-)


While in Vegas, I was told of

While in Vegas, I was told of 2 separate forum-spammer bannings. Now this sort of thing is pretty routine in the forum trade, so why mention them to me? As it turned out, the spammer in each instance was a significant member of the board but the admin finally got fed up with warning them about self-promoting. Forum spammers need to realize that even admins read other boards on occassion.


I think the admins ought to talk to eachother a bit more, i see this stuff on a daily basis and so far it's only brag that has picked up on it.

Maybe some of the smaller forums are just glad to have a post, even if it is posted to every board out there but im certain that many admins just dont get out enough...

maybe we should start a thread - hey wait! we have one... heh..

That's pretty funny.

I guess people that do referer logs hate referer spamming, bloggers hate blog spamming, and forum mods hate forum spamming?

GoogleGuy, without a lot of insight, but the obligatory post from a Google IP so Nick W can feel better. :)

Maybe it's just me...

..but actually i rather admire all forms of comment/post spam if it's done well.

The problem is that there are very few people that do it with any degree of sophistication. I really enjoy a good forum spammer, if you actually do manage to spot them it's cool - the good ones just glide along without anyone raising an eyebrow.

What really offends me is this "bull in a china shop" approach that's just so, [ ugh ] amateur...

If you're going to spam my logs, make me laugh
If you're going to spam my forum, make me think
If you're going to spam my blog, do it subtly make me doubt that your a spammer at all...

This hitting every page of a blog, hitting every webmaster forum in existence with the same cut'n'paste is just so clumsy

Arrrrgh! why dont these morons just show a little imagination and a little style in what they do? rant over :)

btw, i still dont know whether to call this a damn blog or a forum... maybe we'll have to invent a new word just for TW hehe..

LOL Finally

You can always rely on ol Bill to handle stuff like that with such finesse. Posting a similar Q to 1 or 2 places I can handle but 10 or so...heck who has the time to even read that many.

new word

> btw, i still dont know whether to call this a damn blog or a forum... maybe we'll have to invent a new word just for TW hehe..

I'm torn between flog and borum. Which - do you think - sounds the most appropriate?

I suffered a (minor) log spam, actually an image hijack, which made me laugh. It's still up, for reasons of "acknowledged humour". Most spam p****s me off though. It's just too blatant. BTW, have you guys tried my anti-spam software found here: {snip}

funniest response was by Quad

funniest response was by Quadrille at IHU.

Honestly if the guy wants to spend his time doing it let him, I only read what he says at SG and don't look at them elsewhere (ok - apart from IHU where it was reasonable to expect a "stop spamming" explosion worth reading at some point).

cross between a forum and a blog is a 'fog' Nick ;)

That wasnt me!

..i didnt {snip} Wit just in case anyone wondered :-)

>>flog or borum

OMG Wit, do you know how those sound to an englishman? - the first would make us sound like a sex site, the second like a boring news site hehe!

Think the word needs some more thinking..

How about just blogforum?


that has some possiblities.....

I snipped myself there* ...

...just to illustrate the point.

>>OMG Wit, do you know how those sound to an englishman

What do you think Nick? I think I did it again with my title* here (oops - sorry for all that noise) ;) ;) BTW - fog and noise are a bit similar, so maybe Fog is not a good word for your Blorum.


who snagged the .com? :-)

What's it worth to you?



Blogum, Blora.

Doesn't matter what it's called, though. Some blogs get lots of ... (how about) ... comments. :-)

blorum, blogum, blora


Just do somthing good with it Wit :-)

Yeah diane, those are cool too, im kinda happy with not having a clear label, seems to suit the style here i think....

Sorry to be misleading Nick...

...I'm not into forums (i.e. the making of ~) nor into snagging dotcoms. I don't have the money or the time for that. I prefer reading stuff on forums, on this one for example :-)

Cost of doing bidness

>I guess people that do referer logs hate referer spamming, bloggers hate blog spamming, and forum mods hate forum spamming?

I think hate is the wrong word. Speaking as an ex-forum admin it was a part of the job, no use whining about it. The onus is on the webmaster, blogger or forum mod to come up with an effective way of dealing with the challenge, its their web site and their responsibility.

>no use whining

>no use whining

"No Whining" was posted as a graphic in an admin's profile the first 2 years. It was the fundamental rule of the forums.

>forum mods hate forum spamming

Truth be told, there was nothing I liked better than having a forum spammer on the board --they offered much more sport than the drive-by.

As for the differences in spam, read the TOS. AFAIK, webmasters have never signed any sort of agreement with the SEs about the behavior expected of them while in the serps. I do not hate spammers, not even email spammers. I do, however, loathe those that cannot keep their word.

Another one [*two] spotted

Won't be surprised to see that doing the rounds. 9/10 for laying the confusion with Tara's book, 0/10 for blowing it with his second post.

*That be you Brian.


Doug (ihelpyou) has let the folks at SEW know what's going on with this pain in the arse bloke/bot


And here he is - courtesy of seobook

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