Surprise! Opera Goes Free, Downloads Go UP

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Well, bugger me, who'd a thunk it eh? Opera downloads have hit all time highs since they dropped the ads, and made it free.

ince transitioning its popular Web browser to freeware status and dropping the built-in advertisements, Opera Software says downloads continue to surge. Over three million new users have downloaded Opera, the company claims, at a rate four times greater than previous releases.

What? You mean that the annoying, 1997 style ad placement and business model was holding us back?



I'm stunned, STUNNED. But

I'm stunned, STUNNED. But what's the $-model now?

Higher adwords payout % from

Higher adwords payout % from default Google search box on browser.

yeah, word has it that it's

yeah, word has it that it's working much better also..

good on 'em - im really rather fond of Opera, it's about time they started to shine a little more as a pc-web-browser..

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