Ooops! AdSense Cheques go AWOL

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AdSense error means many publishers must wait
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AdSense payments sent to AdWords addresses. Jen has a worrying story about large numbers of AdSense cheques being sent to the wrong addresses last month. If you have ever worried about the amount of information that Google holds on you, and how they use it, this is a salutory reminder. Now the affected AdSense publishers (who have made no erors on their part) will have any wrong cheque cancelled and a new one sent, with their regular payment next month. In other words Google hold their money, until convenient to Google to release it. A lot of unhappy bunnies out their - maybe they should try EFT!.

Turns out, there was a problem with information crossover between AdWords and AdSense, resulting in payment information actually being taken from the AdWords account instead AdSense account when they shared an email address.


those publishers are going

those publishers are going to suffer being without that revenue for another month... something many publishers count on for things such as mortgages, payments and bills.

Shudder. What a huge mistake to rely on AdSense checks to pay the mortage (if you have a choice).

what timing

"improve your user experience by using a single G-acc to login for all services"
"how is that good for us?"
"it just is, trust us....."

5 days later....

"um, ok, well there's a teeny problem guys"

payment information actually

payment information actually being taken from the AdWords account instead AdSense account

Was it bring your kids to wok day and let them play with code, or have Google employees been downloading Fake Diplomas - time to check those references :)

saving face

... now the right thing to do would have been to send the checks out ASAP instead of waiting for the next month cycle to hit, do I detect a hint of buerocratic internal policy getting in the way ...

they also changed the names on check

I got my check, yet they changed the name on it to my website name that I used in Adwords making it worthless.


Yahoo couldn't have thought of a better promotion

Comparing Adsense with Adwords

So, are they comparing your Adsense and Adwords accounts? Are they checking out your networks? Hmm...


Why are they even associating your Adsense and Adwords accounts at all? Am I crazy to think these should be separate?

You'd think a billion dollar company wouldn't have these problems.

Question is if they are

Question is if they are connected why can I not just transfer funds from Adsense to Adwords? My guess is they are preparing for this. If so they really should have beta tested things first. Espically since they now have to answer to stock holders.

They have begunreissuing

They have begun reissuing payments now. I'm very happy to hear it.

I was not worried about missing Adsense cheques ..

..when I started this thread.

I was concerned that the supposed "watertight compartments" that are meant to exist at Google, between Adsense, Adwords and Gmail datadases, were in fact not watertight. For example, according to Google, Adsense Bot and Google Search Bot operate independently of each other.

Although Google do say

If you have an account, we may share the information submitted under your account among all of our services in order to provide you with a seamless experience and to improve the quality of our services.

I just have an uneasy feeling about these things!

check came from Ireland Office

I was surprised to get my check from Google's office in Dublin, Ireland. I guess their departments are not so departmentalized.

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