AIM to Launch Presense Program, Easy Site Integration

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AIM Launches Presence Program
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AIM are to launch a "presense program" that if im reading this clickz story right, will allow sites to integrate AIM so they can be easily contacted and display user presense.

The AIM Presence program provides individual users or small businesses a free distribution license to publish AIM presence on their site. AOL expects this to appeal to bloggers, heavy AIM users, and small businesses that want to make themselves available for instant messaging from their online customers, Palihapitiya said.

"Now your local plumber or dry cleaner can use AIM to generate lead volume and make their service better," he said. "The people they've spent all that money on driving to their Web site will find it easier to do business with them."

Commercial sites involved in the program include Facebook, LinkedIn, Six Apart and

Small plastic trumpet for the first person to do a Drupal plugin for that - i'd put it on the site....


another worrier...

This worries me; the AOL working model has been for years now proprietary up to now. The ‘integration nightmares’ of businesses that are tied into AOL and their applications have been manifest. I don’t think there is no web development company in the country that has worked with a business using AOL that has not had problems with client side integration.
AOL are now pushing in the mobile market, does this mean again they do things ‘against the grain’ and more dev-side rules need to be incorporated to satisfy a business using AOL.

am I missing something?

is this just not a chat box on a site? Live Chat's been around for ages - whats different?

Didn't ICQ, AIM and YIM used

Didn't ICQ, AIM and YIM used to have those online/offline status buttons that also allowed website visitors to send you a message via IM? What's different about this?

I wonder if it's exclusive

If an organization decides to be a "preferred AIM presence'r" or whatnot... can they still include presence icons for Y! and MSN? I'm guessing not.

And that sucks. AOL, despite all the talk, has not IMHO lost its walled-garden mentality.

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