Semel's Verbal Web2.0 Diarrhea

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Yahoo's Semel talks new, new media
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Yahoo's Terry Semel has apparently been spilling his guts at Web2.0 as a whole bunch of industry hacks are quoting him left right and center.

Yahoo CEO Terry Semel shared his thoughts on everything from 21st century media companies to his company's struggle with Google to the ethics of doing business in a communist country.

Crikey Terry, you miss anything out you think?

Jeff MacManus took notes, which Danny, also suffering a bout of verbal overflow it seems went to town on and summarized and added to very nicely:

Yeah, we're more open that Google - they're the baddies...

Battelle: What do you make of Google's strategy?

Semel: I think Google have clearly done a very good job in search. I think that probably the difference would be that they were the pioneers. We're now full speed ahead, been in search less than two years, others are coming in, and I think that's healthy.

But young Danny, a stickler for "right is right" says

Let's be clear. Yahoo was the pioneer. Google was the second mover. Yahoo rediscovered search religion (helped by realizing what a lucrative religion it is), and that competition is very, very welcomed.

You knew the bitch slap was coming, and here it is...

Battelle: [Google may enter the jobs space] You've got hotjobs. From the historic approach that goog takes is scrape and aggregate as opposed to own. Will you give a feed to google?

Semel: We'll always be more open than they are. [applause from audience] we began with RSS. yahoo in general sees ourselves as an open platform with the ability to publish on yahoo.

Oooooh, didn't he do well? Come on though Terry, you can do better than that, can't you?

"So far they don't seem to have a plan, but maybe they do," Semel said Thursday during a question-and-answer session at an Internet conference. "Maybe magic will happen tomorrow."


he noted that Google seems to be following in Yahoo's footsteps by adding an array of new products like e-mail, photo sharing, social networking, personalized home pages and voice communications.

The additional features, Semel said, have made Google "look more and more like a portal. And as a portal, it probably would be rated No. 4."

Oh dear, now it just looks like a case of schoolyard silliness :( He was doing so well earlier, but he just had to overdo it didn't he? Less is more Terry, less is more...

Danny goes on to do a lot of comparing of "openess", but the interesting point here for me is that applause at Web2.0 - this is what Google should have also, the respect of the digirati - they used to have it, but now it's all about Yahoo!

It's a simple enough fix:

  • Deal with your fear of RSS
  • Stop behaving like children, that goes for you too actually Yahoo!
  • Talk to us - you remember talking right?
  • Take a humble pill

Job 90% done...


So why is Semel

So why is Semel re-positioning? Best described by example: K-Mart was the pioneer. Wal-Mart was the second mover. Second-movers have the benefit of seeing the errors of their predecessor, they usually come at the market with significantly less baggage and overhead.

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