Yahoo! Milking RSS Goodness with Whitepaper

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I know i keep saying it, but you've gotta admire the way Y! will run with a feel good idea. They've just released an whitepaper on RSS usage together with a publishers guide to rss and it's already getting a big thumbs up from the likes of Robert and Niall.

In fact, Scoble goes one further than just shouting rah rah rss! and commends Yahoo! as being at the forefront of RSS in Search - he says they've not realized any market gain from this yet though - that's not right Robert, they have, they've built reputation and fluffy bloggy yummy good feeling on the back of it, and that's worth a LOT.

I dont' have time to read it right now, (yes Nandini, i'll get to it! :) but thankfully, Niall has done it for us

Only 12% of those surveyed were aware of RSS, and only 4% have knowingly used RSS. 27% of respondents had interacted with RSS content in personalized start pages such as My Yahoo! but did not realize they were using RSS.

The average RSS user subscribed to 6.6 feeds and spend an average of 4.1 hours per week reading those feeds. Only 7% of RSS aware users mentioned instant updating as a benefit of the medium, suggesting the sources play a larger role than their timeliness. This finding allows aggregators to worry less about ping and poll frequency and more about sourcing their list of available feeds.

Only 17% of survey respondents had ever seen a white-on-orange XML button and only 4% had ever clicked the button. Users who clicked the button either copied and pasted the URL into a newsreader, clicked on another button on the feed view to add the feed to a newsreader, or left the site. 50% of RSS-aware respondents choose feeds from the list available in their aggregator

Not so surprising really. Sometimes i wonder if the point of a whitepaper is to explicity state the patently fucking obvious, or just the downright boring and useless....