Selling Your Soul, Blogging about Blogging

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Don't jump! Don't jump! Aaron talks about the frustrations of blogging and contemplates selling his soul and starting a blog about blogging.

Frankly, i ditched all of the "blogs about blogs" feeds from my reader months back, it was boring the shite out of me. The only one that survived the 20+ mass culling was Duncan's Blog Herald


blog blog blog blog gasp oshpere blog...

my point was not that I was frustrated at blogging... just that most of the hype around the growth was just hype (linking to RCs post here), and that as the various recycling technologies improve, most blogs are not going to be getting tons of traffic unless they can create good original stuff like TW. the tools bit was that I had more original content ideas, but need to hire a programmer or two. maybe I shall try rentacoder?

the bit about blogging was saying that I felt I may be tainting the topic of my blog...seems as you talk about so much stuff over hear my interests have become much broader than SEO...and I don't know why, but there has been a bunch of blog news recently, hasn't there been?

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