Google Borg, the Patent

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Google Borg, the Patent
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Msgraph at Search Engine Watch forums links to the newest Google patent application. Reading those things make my head hurt, but here's his take on what it's about:

Imagine all of your actions being constantly monitored in order to build personalized search queries. Those last words you typed in a Word document or IM window. The e-mail you just sent. What words your cursor is next to. The text you copied to the clipboard. All of it constantly monitored and processed, in real-time, locally and/or using Google's search engine in order to build search results for you in case you need them at a moment's notice.

The weakness of link based alogo's is still debateable at this stage, but you have to take notice of Google's desire to have you log in and use their systems for everything from adwords to the blogs you read, and wonder why do they want all this data and what are they doing with it.

Hat tip to RustyBrick at SEORoundtable


sounds like MS to me...

based on that desciption this sounds just like what MS is doing with Windows Vista. everyone wants that data.

That cartoon is just

That cartoon is just great... scary, but hilarious

hhh! I like these new cynical editorials/cartoons...

5) On Feb. 10, the New York Times quoted CEO Schmidt as telling financial analysts, "We are moving towards a Google that knows more about you." Do you think that's a good thing?

A) Well, Google already knows about my pathetic time in the 5K I ran in 1999. What else is there, really?

B) Absolutely. And while we're at it, how about a Google that can find my keys?

C) Of course. Speaking about near-omnipotent, ultrainvasive computer programs in the third person can only be seen as a positive development.

The Apologist: Agog Over Google

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