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Sergey Speaks: Watch It Online
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Garry Price from SEW posts about Sergey From Google speaking at Berkeley. The man speaks - so we are invited to listen... reverently on our knees. When you address students Sergey, you have been invited to inspire, challenge and educate... your royal presence alone is not enough. Sergey Brin is an absolute bore to listen to, completely unprepared and dribbles on about nothing.

Don't bother tuning in:

Maybe they should let you 'take the mike home' so you can prep for next time.


Arrogant ?

That was one of the worst public speaking performances I have seen. I don't see where you imply he was arrogant; ill prepared yes, arrogant no.

Pretty unfair title - great

Pretty unfair title - great to see Brin talking about Google, and there were some very interesting points he underlined.

EDIT: I think what's sad is that we spend a lot of time trying to read up about Google - the where, when, why, what - but then when offered the first-hand story, Brin gets a kicking for not being a showman like Jobs or Gates.

It was kind of boring, though.

I made it through twenty minutes or so.

And no, I don't think he was being arrogant.


I said arrogant because he assumed he could just show up and dribble on about anything and everyone would be in awe.

His comments weren't arrogant, but I think his attitude to the whole exercise was.

Most people invited to guest lecture would put a lot of preparation into it (I have and did [not at Berkley]). Yes he seems 'down to earth' but really should have prepared.

Other employees from Google who guest lecture at uni's have been very well prepared and gave professional presentations (e.g. Matt Cutts).

I said arrogant because he

I said arrogant because he assumed he could just show up and dribble on about anything and everyone would be in awe.

That's how i took your meaning. I've not watched it yet, but presuming i think you're right about his speach being crap i'd almost certainly agree.

FWIW, i altered the title before reading the comments above, just thouhgt it a better headline :)

Funny I like it..

it shows the guy is human, not a great speaker.. but I guess he didn't make his billions from speaking :)


Q and A

He made the point a few times while going through the prepared (so to speak) material that he didn't want to take too much time away from the Q and A.

Of course, you could argue that he wanted to get to the Q and A because he hadn't prepared a real lecture, and that may be true, but I think opening it up to the students was a good idea.

And some people just aren't good at lecturing. The chair of my program in grad school was considered the leader in the field at the time, and he used to walk into lecture halls with a pile of papers and say something like, "I had something I wanted to read to you. It's in here somewhere."

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