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We've had a bit of an emergency in the W household today. Robyn is fine, but she did have to be rushed to hospital because her daddy is a fuckwit. Sheesh, i was just writing about what a great day we'd had planned with Ivana out of town on my spiffy new wordpress blog, then it all hit the fan.

No harm done it seems, but i'd left the parrafin firelighters next to the fire rather than putting them away and when it all went quiet in the living room, and i went to investigate, Robyn had a nice big moutthful of them!

Needless to say im not feeling my best today after spending 30 minutes with sirens blaring wondering if Robyn would be okay, then 6hrs waiting for the all clear from the hospital, so everything is on hold till tomorrow (email, im's pm's etc) - i'll write up the full story on that new personal blog aswell, if only to remind myself to double check these things...


Hey, best of luck to you all

Hey, best of luck to you all over there - I think a lot of us parents can empathise very much with your position - but the most important thing is no real harm done.

Take Care

Sorry to hear about that Nick, Glad you're all OK
Nothing but Best to Robyn, Ivana and yourself.

Glad she's okay

... and no harm was done. Sounds like some shock.

sheesh - very glad she's fine

whew. sorry and i am so glad she and all of you are fine!! -Beth

Being a nosey sort, I saw

Being a nosey sort, I saw the link to your personal blog on the del.icio.us sidebar this afternoon and checked it out and left thinking, Robyn is the cutest. I hope all is well.

Glad she is OK, I hate it

Glad she is OK, I hate it when kids do stuff like that, it is really scary.

damn, that's scary

Just glad to hear that everyone's ok.

Glad all is well.

It is easy for that stuff to happen.

I had to call poison control for my daughter 3 times in 2 weeks when she was 18 months. She had *very* good fine moter skills and ate toothpaste, most of a bottle of Childrens Grape flavored Tylenol and Comet detergent.

Did you know you can eat Comet?

Glad Robyn is ok

That must have been absolutely terrifying for you.

Nick - Nothing's tougher

Nick - Nothing's tougher than watching out for kids. Don't blame yourself too much. I'm glad to hear that everyone's OK - that's what's important.

Glad to hear Robyn is OK -

Glad to hear Robyn is OK - like Rand says nothing is harder than watching kids. You turn your head for one minute and they'll find the wrong thing to draw on/play with/put in their mouth.

Glad that all's well that end's well..

..being a parent is (retrospectively) an interesting profession.

I think we all do stuff like

I think we all do stuff like that when we are kids. Good to hear she is doing good.


Kids do that, eh. Glad all is ok and no real harm done.

I found Theo eating marbles

I found Theo eating marbles off the Solitaire board yesterday.... *shudder*

It now lives on a much higher shelf

Scary stuff

No harm done that's the main thing. Unfortunately little uns explore the world by putting stuff in their mouths. Later on they explore by piling boxes up to see what is on high (and sharp) shelves ;O) Kids are f-in' scary but also very rewarding :O)

Robyn might be fine...

.. but how are you Nick?

I'm amazed that you are still alive, after Ivana found out.

I'm glad Robyn is fine.

I'm glad Robyn is fine. That had to be a real scare.

Having three tiny monsters

Having three tiny monsters myself I know how you felt. We had this situation a few times with all of them. I'm glad Robyn is fine, and don't blame yourself. Looking for kids is as impossible as controlling a bag full of fleas. All the best!

How did it taste?

Have you asked her? Because she didn't spit the stuff out and all. Of course - like with my own kids - you may have the "house rule" that food that goes into the mouth is not supposed to come out the same way. Still, that rule may need an exception or two...

I'm going to have to talk to my youngest asap. It's just like her to pull a similar stunt (and don't talk to me about marbles - sheesh) ...

Thanks all It looks like

Thanks all

It looks like Bailey is really sick now, emergency appointment at the vets - christ, what the fuck is going on!

out for a few hours..

Don't ever cook for me

Glad all is well with Robyn.

Good luck with the dog.


yeah, bailey will be fine it

yeah, bailey will be fine it seems - probably just ate something disgusting in the forrest this morning - some shots, tablets, special food and rest...

Happens to everyone

My oldest once drank a wee bit of waterbed conditioner when she was a baby and we were refilling our waterbed. My next one decided she liked the taste of cough medicine and got into that once. And she also once swallowed a penny. (And all of this happened long before I was consumed by computers/internet and was generally paying attention!) I don't recall my third one ever eating something bad by mistake. Funny, cuz with him I actually WAS at the 'puter all day.

Nick, sounds like you may have found a roundabout way to keep Ivana from going out for long periods of time...


Nick, sounds like you may have found a roundabout way to keep Ivana from going out for long periods of time...

Ha! But now, he is going to get 'the look' any time he suggests he can handle something.


Robyn is a litte doll, so glad she's OK Nick. Bet you don't get put on extended Daddy Day-Care Duty for awhile. Dog's OK too... how are you after all this? Sounds like your weekend was anything but relaxing.

Im fine, far too busy to be

Im fine, far too busy to be brooding...

Ivana has been pretty cool - it's not as if she hasn't had a misshap or two with robyn :) we're both learning..

I just need to double check stuff, cos i cant rely on "seeing" dangers of course..

better than marbles up the nose

however careful you are she's going to manage to do stuff :) - sounds like you reacted exactly right so that's the main thing; you can't always be there to stop them doing something silly but if you can always deal with it when they do that's good parenting ;)

(well that's what my dad says and he speaks as one who caught me when I fell off the roof....)


>>Kids are f-in' scary but also very rewarding :O)

Surely one of of the top 5-10 truest things ever said on TW. :-)

Be well, Nick....

Glad everybody's okay

Sometimes it's quiet, and sometimes not so much. Glad everybody's alright.

glad your all OK

I'm glad that everything ok for Robyn

cleaning fluid

.. in our case.

Glad everything's OK with Robyn,

and I just remembered there was the day I "lost" him, won't go there again it was a nightmare, but it's too easily done, 30 seconds in reality 30 mins in memory!

take care

Speaking of quiet

It is kind of funny when you're a mom or dad of little ones how you learn to suddenly "hear the quiet."

Usually it's so noisy or your aware of the little one babbling on or banging something with a stick or whatever. But when you all of a sudden realize you hear nothing...that's when it's scary!

Still now even though my kids are old enough to take care of themselves and not eat stupid things, every once in awhile when it's really quiet, I get to worrying and wondering where everyone is and what they're up to. (They're usually just not home cuz they have a life!)

Rough weekend

For you all, including doggie. Relieved to hear everyone is feeling better.

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