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It really on was a matter of time before Yahoo! jumped on the podcasting bandwagon, and it appears that that time has come with the launch of Yahoo! Podcasts this week.

You'll get to search for stuff via keyword or directory, play it back with their integrated player, and of course, tag it and share it ala MyWeb2.0 - They've even got a new shiney slogan under patent: "Dig It. Tag It. Share It." - good grief, they just keep pushing those buttons don't they?

Simple stuff - "this stuff is popular, let's do more of it" = "monkey push big yellow button, get bannana" - no brainer to do do podcasting and ride that buzzy wave a bit further - including integrating with Yahoo! music via plugin


Relatively decent

I played with this a bunch late last night when it came out (damn, I am SUCH a geek :D).

Web browser integration: not all that great. The Web-based player, at least in FF, won't even let you skip forward and back within a stream. Seems like a very fundamental oversight, IMHO.

In contrast, though, the Y! Music Engine integration (via plugin) is pretty slick. I found it to be useful and intuitive. I may even start listening to some podcasts now, though frankly, I don't get the hype at all... I mean, seriously, I barely have enough time to skim my fav blogs... who has time for actually LISTENING to people blather about stuff...?

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